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What are the benefits of holding live events?

A perfect fit with your site and theme of event - Your event can take place in auditorium that is customized to reflect the look and feel of your site. Customized graphics, vibrant colors and cutting-edge design will provide a visual atmosphere that enhances the event without draining your budget.

Provide a perfect venue for clear communication - A comprehensive live event tool enables you to "hush" the main auditorium so that the audience cannot chat back and forth with one another in the room. A regular chat room with constant conversation is not conducive to clear communication and this can become confusing and potentially frustrating for the audience and speaker(s). A hushed room removes this "noise" from the equation, providing the best possible environment for exchange. It also prevents unwanted and potentially damaging comments from being presented to the screen by a disgruntled or simply boisterous audience member.


Take your audience on a memorable journey - An incorporated tour feature allows the moderator to push slides or informational web pages to the audience to further enhance the interactive nature of the event. Such pages could include; streaming audio/video, e-commerce pages and multimedia enhancements.

Maximize quality of content presented - With the room hushed, audience members are able to send questions to the live event's staff. The staff is then able to choose from the questions and present appropriate ones in an organized fashion. This provides the guest speaker the chance to respond to the question, before the next question is sent to the screen. This capability also allows staff to delete any questions that may cause discomfort to the guest speaker(s), other participants and live event sponsor, or to delete questions that maybe inappropriate due to language or content.

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