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Live Events can be used as one-off occasions or a series of chats to:

1. Promote your own "real life" live event by simultaneously running an online version.

a concert promoter is holding a benefit concert, and in conjunction with the concert, they are able to reach fans unable to attend the real concert. The fans are able to interact with the performers, and hear the concert via an online auditorium production.

Allow your participants to overcome geographical and practical barriers to interaction.

2. Launch a product or service online to your colleagues or customers.

a publisher wishes to launch an author's book online. They are able to invite consumers to an online live event where the author of the book is able to answer questions about the book and promote it at the same time.

Live Events make excellent interfaces to e-commerce. Use your live event to promote products and services subtly and they will more than pay for themselves.

3. Act as an online press conference for invited participants.

your company wishes to invite the global press or other interested parties to a conference for an online announcement or press release. They are able to do so remotely and you are able to control the conference by means of a moderated chat event.

Reach out to mass markets with the security of knowing that your event will present a professional "face" for your announcements.

4. Provide you or your guest(s) with a forum for a lecture or question and answer session.

an organization is running a series of articles regarding their local government and wants to hold a question and answer session with the authors of the articles so that the public can interact and share their ideas.

Allow your readership the ability to share their viewpoints on the articles presented, thus creating additional content for your site.

The possibilities are almost limitless - think how you could use a live event to promote, inform, reach and exchange with your colleagues, customers or consumers!

Find out next how live events could benefit you. For a live event demonstration or further details please contact us.

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